Baseball Pitchers: Velocity and Arm Care Summer Camp

We are very excited to launch our Velo/Arm Care Camp, which will focus on improving your son's awareness of his body when pitching, his throwing mechanics, physical fitness, throwing velocity, and arm health.

This camp is 8 weeks long, Monday and Wednesday each week, starting June 21st, finishing on August 11th, and is run by All Seasons Sports Academy's Director of Pitching, Tyler Hansen, as well as current D1 pitcher, CJ Loper. With Tyler's knowledge of mechanics, and Rapsodo Certification, along with CJ's knowledge of arm care programs, mechanics, and having personal experience of what it takes to pitch at the D1 level, along with the many take home items your son will receive, this camp is certain to provide tremendous value for your son.

Participants will get their own personal subscription to, which will guide them through an individual, custom arm care program specifically tailored to their needs, based on the date input to the app. This is something players can use daily to improve their arm health, even when not at camp.

What's Included? app subscription per player

-Complete set of Crossover Symmetry bands

-Workout 2x per week with a dedicated strength coach, doing pitcher-specific workouts

-Individualized evaluation of your son at the beginning and end of camp to illustrate how he has improved, and things to continue to work on in the future

-Pitch every week on our Rapsodo device, which tracks MPH, spin rate, spin efficiency, release point, and more, and have access to that data

-Weekly throwing in front of coaches who can help address and correct any mechanical issues in your son's delivery

-Weekly "chalk talk" to discuss the mental aspect of pitching in games, recruiting, nutrition, fielding, leadership, and more

-Small group size (limited to 12 pitchers)



8:00am-10:00pm *appointment based



801 Elkton Blvd, Suite 3

Elkton, MD 21921

Tel: (443) 207-8268



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